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New LJ prototype!
UPDATE2: English-language prototype is here !! (thank you markmanching)
UPDATE: Live prototype can be accessed here . Below are just links to specific pages!
This is A TRANSLATION! I have nothing to do with LJ or any of this!
Please direct your politely worded feedback to this post and remember that politeness wins over rudeness every time!

Artemiy Lebedev (tema), who's studio ArtLebedev is behind the latest changes in the comments page design, has posted a link to prototype of the new LJ expected to come out soon.

I... have no words. You can access it here
and below I'm going to translate separate links. Sorry, can't figure out the three-column thing.

And I can translate some pages if anyone needs them. Can't promise all pages though :(

First columnCollapse )

Second columnCollapse )

Third columnCollapse )

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Jesus H. Fuck that is ugloid. Why do they not wanting us to giving them our moneys?

I dare them to submit this to a web dev review site, I'd like them to face the reality. This design is plainly exhausting to look at - I can't read the comment pages any more. After the age of clean design development I've fotgotten how fun it's to get migraines on the spot.

Good job with your translations!

Oh no, main designer just posted an entry where he mentioned the new comments calling them "new amazing comments". *sigh* and to think that I've defended his professionalism :(

If you need help with the translation, drop me a line.

Translating from Russian into English makes my head hurt (both languages are foreign to me), but at least I understand Russian well (alas, the Russian LJ terminology isn't very familiar to me), and I know a few native speakers of Russian here and on Google+.

Thank you for the offer! I might really need it if this goes on...

I'm freaking out. I can't see align buttons or, what's worse, a lj-cut button in the "post to LJ" new layout. Am I missing something or they intend to erase them for good? You know something?

Thank you very much for the translation.

I guess they didn't bother including the visual editor (WYSIWYG) buttons. They might not yet designed them. I highly doubt they're going to cut this functionality considering how much time they've been spending on it lately.

I wouldn't know for sure, but it's an early prototype still.

You're welcome.

(Deleted comment)
You mean the grey one with lots of links? Yeah, they get annoying after some number of lines. 1-2 is ok, over 6 is definitely not :(

Found my way here from a lj release post's comments. Any idea when this is going live? I can't even. This is horrific.

tema only said "soon" and igrick haven't referenced the new design at all :(

I noticed on the userpics page they show keywords but not notes. Have the Russian LJ people said if users will still be able to put notes for their userpics, or if they are taking away those too, or have they not discussed this topic? I hope that the notes will still be there, though it doesn't look like there is a space for them. I'd like to be proven wrong though!

Also, they make all these changes to "fix" Live Journal, and they still can't get rid of that scary goat on the 404 page. dugopoubhnoteboinsboeitnoiebatbtntbtbtNO Seeing that thing always freaks me out a lot, especially at night, so I was hoping they'd at least change that. BUT NO DDDDDD:

There were no specifics given for particular pages, but I'm operating on the assumption that they're removing the userpic description field.

I suppose I'm strange, but I actually like this update. (Both comments and the upcoming ones.)


Believe me, we (who do not like it) are aware that there are people who like it. Difference is, you like it and you're getting it and we don't like it and still getting it without any alternative :(

I listed some things that feel wrong for me in this redesign in the comments above. Maybe you'll find something you don't like in that list as well.

I.... have no words. NONE. This is the ugliest thing I have ever seen. DDDDDX

It looks like a combination of the worst of FaceBook and New Twitter.

Bad design, too many teeny columns of noise, and probably Ajax/Flash/ to the point of bloated uselessness.


Thanks for the Heads Up

I have a question for you - are these changes going to affect all current journal styles?

Thanks, sorry to bother you. :-)

Re: Thanks for the Heads Up

This affects all "inside" pages of Livejournal. They're not affected by journal styles and are shared by all users regardless of which journal they have: Paid, Basic, S1, S2... This is for all.

You're welcome and it's no bother :)

Wow. Not to be super over dramatic and flounce, but if they go through with this change I will almost certainly be packing up my things and moving to DW once and for all. This is hideous. They appear to be removing something like 60% of the features that I actually use and making the aesthetics of the site in general bulky and bloated and hideous and unusable. There looks like there will be functionality issues all-flippin-over-the-place (especially if those lovely comment pages are any indication). I am staring in pained disbelief at the userpics page. Why would you DO that?

Re: Thank you for this!

You're welcome.

Weird thing is, they honestly seem to believe they've done a good job on this. I don't know.

I don't have a problem with "ugly". Things change, periodically, and you get used to them. I mean, of all the times LJ (or other sites) have changed, over the years, how many times do you remember one changing for the better? Not very often.

Functionality is different. Like, you mentioned not being able to read the comment you're replying to? And the descriptions being removed from userpics? And accessibility issues, where non-mouse users can't access certain important functions?

Many of these problems seem to stem from the designer leaving them out, for whatever reason, and the staff not realizing they were important until it was too late. And not caring to find out, during beta testing, of course.

Heh, I guess I'm just too picky. Ugliness can make me stop using a site - it had happened in the past. And it's the reason I don't use Russian LJ page (ugly, cluttered, dnw).

I'm still not sure if they're actually removing all the functionality that seems to be missing from the prototype or just didn't put it in for the preview version. I do hope that people are leaving feedback regarding this redesign so that at least LJ doesn't have an excuse of not being aware of people missing important features.

Yeah, their failure to do a proper requirements gathering, usability testing and beta-testing for such a big change is baffling.

This is just...horrible and that's coming from someone who is studying web and interactive design in college. The tabs are horrible that are used for navigation. Seriously, there are no sites with that crap. It's tacky and comes out of no where not to mention how the transition from the top navigation to the main content is so bad.

In all honesty, LJ doesn't NEED a new design. I've never had trouble navigating even after they changed the navigation.

Also, I want to see this designer's experience since it's obvious they don't know how you make a design that is user friendly (or in general) especially for a JOURNAL site.

Edited at 2011-12-24 10:01 pm (UTC)

You can see designer studio's English page here.

Edited at 2011-12-24 10:02 pm (UTC)

I still can't believe that they're more than likely going to saddle us with this monstrosity of a design. The thing that I dislike most about it is the apparent changes to icon keywords, i.e. no comment section - this feature is not broken, why are they 'fixing' it?

safjdfghkdfghkdf do not want, basically.

It's still a prototype. You can go to tema's post or to LJ feedback section and tell them that Userpic Description is a used feature and you don't want it removed.

Thank you for all your translation work and keeping up to date on this!
A shame that people who don't speak Russian cannot even participate in the beta-testing (on the other hand, it seems the actual beta-testers don't have a voice anyway)... :'(

You're welcome!

If you want to join beta, I have a post with the instruction how to do so here and translations of posts from lj-ru-beta comm under the friend-lock.

For English-language beta you supposedly have to join lj_releases but I haven't done that yet.

Translation can be tedious, and i'd like to thank you for your hard work! even though i did wind up using Chrome's translate feature because every page i clicked in the preview...ah well. Thank you regardless! It can be such a thankless job.. n_n";;

As for me. Couldn't click around the preview for too long, even; i developed a headache in under ten minutes -- and not because of the the text-replacement-via-translate-toolbar perceived-as-movement, either.. Something about the colour is playing heck with my eyes, and adjusting brightness/contrast helps little if at all. MAN. if this rolls out as-is, without alternate colour schemes i am going to be one unhappy camper. D;

You're welcome!

I hope they'll add the ability to change color scheme or something when they release.

I don't understand the "ratings" part. At first, I thought it was about stats, but since we already have that, what... what is that?

Oh, God, please don't tell me it's some kinda ersatz "like" system for popularity points...

No, ratings is ratings.

Users and communities are rated based on how many people have friended them and how many friends those people have.

To quote igrick's post on the subject of new rating system:

New rating is also based on amount of people who had added a journal to their friend list, but it takes into consideration not only the number of people, but also who exactly have added this journal. This means that bots don't enter the rating and do not affect the rating at all because as users they're nothing.

Besides that, new rating formula takes actions of those who had added a journal into consideration. For example, friends who haven't been using LJ for a long time no longer count towards the rating. To say it simplier, new rating is based on social capital - parameter describing not only how influencive a journal is, but also the quality of its audience.

I actually have the whole thing translated but am reluctant to post because right now it only takes Cyrillic LJ into consideration. Not sure if anyone will be interested :)

I hate it :( you are removing far too many features that the English user base relies on, this will mean so many members leave, they are already leaving....

My post is only a translation, I don't have anything to do with the redesign. Thank you for taking time to comment though.

You can go to tema's post or to LJ feedback section to express your opinion on the new design to those who are in charge of it.

may i added this link? (it's English)

Re: Additional Link

Oh, thank you! I'll add this link to the post now.

This look like facebook/twitter which in my opinion is ugly - please don't change the default setting to this!!

My post is only a translation, I don't have anything to do with that change.

You can go to tema's post or to LJ feedback section to express your opinion on the new design.

this is disgusting.

why does it need to change!?

I think they're insisting that current design is dated and old code has to be rewritten to lessen the load on servers.

I've never seen them put it in so many words though, so don't take my word for it.


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