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New LJ prototype!
UPDATE2: English-language prototype is here !! (thank you markmanching)
UPDATE: Live prototype can be accessed here . Below are just links to specific pages!
This is A TRANSLATION! I have nothing to do with LJ or any of this!
Please direct your politely worded feedback to this post and remember that politeness wins over rudeness every time!

Artemiy Lebedev (tema), who's studio ArtLebedev is behind the latest changes in the comments page design, has posted a link to prototype of the new LJ expected to come out soon.

I... have no words. You can access it here
and below I'm going to translate separate links. Sorry, can't figure out the three-column thing.

And I can translate some pages if anyone needs them. Can't promise all pages though :(

First columnCollapse )

Second columnCollapse )

Third columnCollapse )

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I've been supporting LJ through the comment mess, but if it comes to that, it's the end of my being with them.

Here via a link on the release page of doom.

Question: Is anyone else unable to see the "My Journal" link? I mean, the flist display is hideous and useless, but I'm more interested in what the comms and journals will look like when I go to their pages directly, since I'm old-school and still mostly browse that way when I'm on this site at all. I'm also curious as to how a regular post will display when one clicks on it.

You mean you want to see what different journals and communities will look like? I guess it depends on their journal style so they felt there's no need to include that link.

I'll try to ask what the top bar will look like in this design and pass it to you if they answer.

WTF is this shit. That's UNUSABLE. I left my "NO NO NO NO" on Tema's post in Russian. Just in case they're as big of an asshole as igrick.

I hate every single thing you are trying to do.

I hope you intended this comment for tema because I don't have anything to do with those changes and hating the fact that I'm translating all this is... strange.

Oh dear lord it's hideous.

You all are a bunch of user interface AMATEURS!!! OMG! You have no idea how much of the suck your proposed (and current!) design is!

Get an education and please, seek gainful employment elsewhere. You obviously are NOT cutting it in this realm!

You're commenting on a wrong post. This is only a translation.

You can leave your politely worded feedback on this post. Please remember that politeness is more effective than rudeness. Thank you.

Thanks so much for putting up these links. (I got here after I'd seen tema's entry and was frantically LJ-searching for some information in English about this.) I think my anger is about to implode into apathy. They really are hellbent on ruining this place and maybe the only sane thing to do is walk away. DW is looking better by the minute, at this rate.

These look so, so bad and amateurish. If they're serious about these changes, LJ will be dead before 2012 is over.

Thank you for bringing these to our attention, manonon.

I'm probably just going to get dogpiled here, but can someone explain to me why that's ugly? I find it quite visually appealing.

I understand the issues with things like subject lines being used in some fandom comms/RP comms, and I think that definitely, absolutely, no bones about it needs to be fixed before it goes live... but what I see in that prototype is elegant, clean, and easy on the eyes.

I'm speaking for myself here.

My main issues with the overall re-haul is the amount of space wasted on every page. Have you already seen the new comments page? Well, for me opened comment box eats up all the space on the screen. I can't even see the comment I'm replying to most of the time.

New post page is the same: I can only see a couple of lines of the actual edit box. The rest is filled with... empty blue space between the header and the subject and between subject and edit box.

The whole header takes up way too much space. I mean the dark blue navigation strip which apparently will be visible on all pages.

Calendar page doesn't allow switching between years now, you have to manually select dates in the date boxes. Inbox doesn't seem to distinguish between messages and comments. Manage tags page doesn't seem to allow for switching between main journal and communities. Community members list doesn't seem to mark users with direct posting privileges (for moderated comms).

And last, but not the least, I don't like the nagging feeling that they're going to roll this out just like they did new comments system: a week in beta, no reaction to the feedback collected and then - bam! no way to switch back.

The only thing that I actually like is the profile page. I would like my gifts at the bottom considering the only gift I have is from like four years ago. It's irritating to have it at the top.

Jesus H. Fuck that is ugloid. Why do they not wanting us to giving them our moneys?

I dare them to submit this to a web dev review site, I'd like them to face the reality. This design is plainly exhausting to look at - I can't read the comment pages any more. After the age of clean design development I've fotgotten how fun it's to get migraines on the spot.

Good job with your translations!

Oh no, main designer just posted an entry where he mentioned the new comments calling them "new amazing comments". *sigh* and to think that I've defended his professionalism :(

If you need help with the translation, drop me a line.

Translating from Russian into English makes my head hurt (both languages are foreign to me), but at least I understand Russian well (alas, the Russian LJ terminology isn't very familiar to me), and I know a few native speakers of Russian here and on Google+.

Thank you for the offer! I might really need it if this goes on...

I'm freaking out. I can't see align buttons or, what's worse, a lj-cut button in the "post to LJ" new layout. Am I missing something or they intend to erase them for good? You know something?

Thank you very much for the translation.

I guess they didn't bother including the visual editor (WYSIWYG) buttons. They might not yet designed them. I highly doubt they're going to cut this functionality considering how much time they've been spending on it lately.

I wouldn't know for sure, but it's an early prototype still.

You're welcome.

(Deleted comment)
You mean the grey one with lots of links? Yeah, they get annoying after some number of lines. 1-2 is ok, over 6 is definitely not :(


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