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LJ news preview for English speakers
So, as most people know, LiveJournal seems intent to concentrate on Russian-speakers as their main audience and release all relevant information only in Russian. To balance it out I've decided to translate all relevant information into English when I see it.

In addition to that I'm going to try to give to people who do not speak Russian a chance to see all changes as they appear on Beta servers. Please note that I'll be posting the translations under the friend-lock so you'll have to comment here so I could add you. But I'll probably be able to translate the comments on those entries if you'll need that :)

To switch to the beta-server you have to:
For English-language updates you will need to request an invite to lj_releases community! (I was unable to get there for some reason, but perhaps others will be able to)

1. join http://lj-ru-beta.livejournal.com/profile?mode=full (click Join, not Watch);
2. wait until your request is proceeded (takes an hour or so);
3. switch to beta-server on http://www.livejournal.com/betatest.bml (click big blue Go To button). If you're not a member of lj-ru-beta, this page will only display “You are not eligible to enter the test server.“ warning.

If you've switched successfully, the page will reload and will have BETA BETA BETA written at the top.

If after you've switched you still don't see the new comments, open http://www.livejournal.com/customize/options.bml and switch Disable customized comment pages for your journal option to Yes and Save changes.

To go back simply switch back on http://www.livejournal.com/betatest.bml . Supposedly flushing your cookies should work, but better be sure.

Check out Friends Times. It'ss a relatively new feature currently available to members of friendstimes. After you join the comm, you'll be able to see entries your friends have commented on on URL http://YOURUSERNAME.livejournal.com/friendstimes (replace YOURUSERNAME with your actual username). I might add translations for this if I have time.

[new Scrapbook is ready to roll]There's also new Scrapbook in the works. Preview available in http://lj-pics-beta.livejournal.com/. All Plus, Paid and Permanent accounts will have access to the new version after joining this community or http://lj-ru-beta.livejournal.com/.
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New Year Resolution!
So as a belated New Year Resolution I've decided to deal with all my email and blog accounts. And haha turns out this journal is my most popular one (although the percentage of humans messaging and commenting is somewhere around 0,01 - I've got approximately 5000 spam comments).

I'm sorry for falling off the face of the Earth - work was much too busy and it seems that my email forwarding wasn't working so I wasn't getting any notifications. So if you messaged me and I didn't answer - I apologize.

Sooo yeah, I can't promise that I'll pick up translations again, but I'm going to try.

Igrick: Brief follow-up on recent news
This is a translation of this entry by igrick. It clarifies the events of the past couple of days which are:
1. Russian Federal Surveillance Service for Mass Media and Communications (Roskomnadzor) sent notices to YouTube, LiveJournal, and four other websites demanding that they cease the "illegal" publication of Russians' personal information, or shut down altogether.
2. The court of Yaroslavl city declared that all access to LJ should be blocked because some LJ page has published extremist content.

Unfortunately there is no more info on that in English, but basically Russian Internet understandably freaked out (and I think LJ did too, a little bit). So igrick takes time to give some explanations.

First about hysterics story with Roskomnadzor. We managed to learn the truth of the matter after contacting the federal agency itself. This is simple as 2 cents. There was a complaint from one LJ user about another LJ user who had published first user's personal information without their consent (for trolling purposes).

Abuse Team had already blocked second user as per Invasion of Privacy part of Abuse Policies and Procedures. However they've registered under different usernames and continued to violate the rules. First user gave up and took their complaints to Roskomnadzor.

I will not disclose this person's username but will mention that they are not a popular blogger.

I should mention that Roskomnadzor really did send us a paper letter to our USA office - I think we'll get it in about a month. Email was only sent yesterday but unfortunately it was sent to a non-existing address. Well, at least now everyone knows how and were such complaints should be made so I consider this case closed. As they say: page one story didn't happen.

Now about Yaroslavl. We have learned about it from mass media. Prosecution appealed to court, court passed the ruling, internet provider closed access. We were not involved in the proceedings and were not aware of them.

We are going to investigate this, of course. If there any hate speech (as defined by Hate Speech section of Abuse policies) is present, the journal in question will be suspended without any hassle with courts and other prosecution.

All this will be clear as soon as we see the court's ruling - if we will be able to see it. Right now we do not know which journal has violated the rules.

And in regards to technical side of the question: IP only has the ability to block LJ as a service in it's entirety but not the specific journal. They can't really filter http traffic, can they.

Upd: If the screenshot of court's ruling that is being passed around online right now is real then it's really something. I will keep you in the loop on this.

Don't change the channel.
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Igrick: question for the audience
This is a translation of this entry by igrick. It's two weeks old, but it looked interesting enough to me.

Folks, me and tritankista were discussing how to implement the dynamic lj-cut expander we're working on right now.

This is how I see it:

- it only works on the friends page and doesn't work on the main journal page;
- expands the cut when it's clicked on and if opened on new page opens the post at the beginning of the cut;
- no need to collapse the cut back.

What do you say? How do you see it?

From comments:
Plans to add the ability to comment without opening a separate page (tritankista here rus).

Thoughts of making a setting that will always open all lj-cuts on friends page (tritankista here rus). Currently it can be done via console as described in this FAQ entry.

Bloggers that use ratings and other promotional instruments to get money for their blog posts have suggested to count lj-cut expanding as a viewing of a post.
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LiveJournal v.93-β
This is a translation of this entry by igrick.

— Why do you call your software "beta"?
— 'Cause it's beta than nothing!

Folks, today release LiveJournal v.93 went into beta stage. Just in case I want to remind everyone (especially journalists) that this means that this release will be available to everyone only after the end of beta testing sometime next week.

What are the news.

* Owners and moderators of paid communities now can send mass emails to all community members. All emails are sent in plain text and from: CommunityName@livejournal.com. Only one mass email may be sent in 24 hours. Members can choose to not receive mass emails from community but by default everyone is subscribed to them.

Please note that during beta-testing actual emails will not be sent. A screenshot of "Create a mass email" page can be viewed here.

* New repost mechanism is here: instead of creating a copy of a post Repost button will now insert the original post into the journal of reposter. All comments and traffic will go to the author. That means that rating will always take into account original posts, not reposts. Rating will now consider the number of reposts as well.

New repost is one of elements of lj-like block and will appear in all posts where lj-like block is used. If you want to add the Repost button separately, you can use the following code:

<lj-like buttons="repost" />

New button will look like this:
Translator's note: ignore the black border, I suck at taking screenshots

Please note that during beta-testing this button will be visible only to users in beta and all posts created with it will look like old reposts with links to original post to everyone not in beta.

* New Promo block will appear on main page. This one will be controlled by LJ itself. It will feature posts that we recommend and communities and users we want to support.

* Social Capital amount will now be displayed for all users regardless of their participation in ratings and/or subscription to Cyrillic services.

* All users with Social Capital over 15 will not be required to fill in CAPTCHA when commenting - regardless of journal settings.

* For suspended accounts we will display the cause of suspension in some cases - for example, in case of copyright violation. It will be displayed on the page with information about suspension.

* We are still cleaning up our to-do lists and will close the wish-list project in this release.

Don't change the channel.

From comments:

CAPTCHA requirement is removed because there should be no bots with social capital over 15.

Repost button at the top of the entry will be switched over to the new Repost mechanism after it is tested.

All comment notifications for the new Repost will be sent to the author of the original and not to reposter.
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Update from comments about Scrapbook
last updated on July 16th
Scrapbook FAQ

If you're trying to create an album in your Plus account and are getting suggestion to buy Paid account first, that means your account is still being transferred to the new Scrapbook (manu here rus).

Android client will be able to continue uploading pictures to the new Scrapbook without being updated (tritankista here rus).

The space-counting widget that displayed that Permanent account holders were out of space will be fixed in the next release (manu here).

There supposed to be a log where all pictures that had security level changed will be listed (coffeechica here).

There's a trick that helps to figure out which images were not migrated:
Secondly, when you get your email notification of migration of your photos, there will be a link to a migration report. This shows links to the images that failed to be moved. The links to these do not work but if you add / to the end of each link, you will get a smaller version of the lost picture SOMETIMES.

There are plans to add the following features:
- getting a list of direct links to pictures after a batch of them is done uploading
(manu here rus);
- getting a link to a picture with one click (manu here rus);
- mass actions (mass-move, mass-delete etc) (manu here);
- sorting by creation date (manu here);
- making a photo an album cover during the upload (manu here and here rus);
- creating links from thumbnail to original automatically when adding pictures to a post (manu here);

Still existing issues:

Images on the new system are still missing for some people.

There is no information on where the images that were corrupted in the old Scrapbook were located (here).

Upload crashes Opera http://news.livejournal.com/142535.html?thread=101154503#t101154503.

Many people are reporting that pictures were migrated to wrong albums.

There are some issues with usernames with trailing underscores. Engineers are looking into it.
(coffeechica here).

Logged-out users can see the list of ALL albums regardless of their security. They can't see the actual pictures inside, but names of the albums are visible (confirmed as a major bug by coffeechica here).

Remaining space info is not updated after albums or pictures are deleted.

No way to select an album to upload to during upload.

Friend-only pictures are not showing up in image selector when adding to a post (here)
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Scrapbook: tags will return
Tags will be saved in the database during the migration and will reappear in the interface later on (manu here).
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New Scrapbook: concerns, issues, changes
Ways to backup your Scrapbook:
- https://gimmebar.com/
- custom bookmarklet by fiddlingfrog

The development is currently considered finished and developers are focusing on fixing bugs. However, the service will continue to expand. (markf here)

Explanation on why Scrapbook is being changed here.

It's 1GB for a Plus account, 2GB for a paid account or 10GB if you upgrade, & 15GB for a permanent account. There are no plans to change that. (astronewt here and here and here; markf here)
You can see the amount of space used here (astronewt here)

TAGS WILL BE COMING BACK. They will be moved over during the migration and will reappear in the interface later on (no timeline given, manu here)
[tag info up until now]No more tags (no info on whether they'll come back or not). People are very upset over this. Very. Upset. Hopefully someone from LJ Team will say something on this topic soon. Preferably "Yes, we're working on bringing tags back). So far manu only said here that it MIGHT be implemented in future versions.

Custom security (friends-only, friend groups etc) is not going away! However, images and galleries that currently have custom security levels will be set to private. This is due to old Scrapbook actually being a system separated from LJ itself. (markf here)

Albums and pictures within can have different security levels (album - private, images - open) (discussed here and confirmed by astronewt here)

You can move images around one by one (quick how-to here) and rename albums (quick how-to here) and links are not supposed to break (said by fiddlingfrog, who's not in LJ Team but is reliable enough source, here).

Voice posts are not stored in the Scrapbook itself but use the same space. They're not affected. (astronewt here)

Some people are erroneously getting Upload buttons visible in new Scrapbook when their images were not yet migrated. That results in confusing error messages referring to the lack of space. (astronewt here)

One image can't belong to more than one gallery. If you want image to be in more than one gallery, you have to upload it in every gallery manually. (astronewt here)
If your images existed in multiple galleries, it will be migrated only once (astronewt here)

No video uploads in the new Scrapbook: "Anyone with videos currently uploaded will get a notification sometime after the migration is complete that will tell them how they can download any videos they had in the old service." (astronewt here)

No sub-albums in the new Scrapbook (asked in several places and answered by manu here).
Existing sub-albums will be moved to the top level, not deleted (scolaro, who participated in beta-testing and is already migrated, here, not answered here). Some people appear to have their sub-albums deleted and this issue is under investigation (here)

Upload is only Flash-based for now, HTML5 version is expected in the future (manu here)

If you have renamed your journal at some point, all links to images will probably continue to work until your old name is grabbed by someone else. (discussed here with astronewt

No drag-n-drop capability but might be added in the future (markf here)

Sorting of pictures and albums as well as ability to change the number of items displayed on one page will be added later on. (tritankista here)

Private albums are visible in the list of albums to a anonymous viewer, but they will work on it a bit later (manu here).

There supposed to be a log where you can see which pictures had security level changed. will there be a list of pictures that had security level set to private, will people have to change security levels manually (here and here);

upd May 15th: another patch should be rolled out in a couple of days (manu here)
should be fixed now (tritankista here)
issue being investigated: links not being updated properly after migration, pictures missing from entries, journal designs etc. Upd: Fix is expected to come out today (3rd of May) (tritankista here)
If you have this problem please submit a support request with as much information as possible: which galleries are affected, any link examples etc. (here and here and here and here and many others);

Questions without answers and unresolved issues:

- will be fixed in the next release: permanent account holders see a message saying that their rent time is out even though that's not true, their 15 Gb of images are actually fine. (here);

- will be fixed in the future: no sorting within the galleries and of galleries (here);

- how to make sure that everyone who is supposed to see pictures are still seeing them (reconcile existing SB friend groups with LJ friend groups, set SB:registered to friends-only, etc) (here and here);

- will it be possible to change the design of new Scrapbook (here and here and here and here);

- will the existing picture descriptions be copied during the migration (here apparently answered here by busaikko who is not in LJ Team but participated in Beta);

- navigation troubles (arrows don't scroll through pictures) (here and here).

Entry last updated on June 1st.
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Igrick: LJ-tag manual
This is a translation of an older post by igrick. For more comprehensive and full list of lj-tags please refer to this entry by fiddlingfrog.

Folks, when we've added lj-like option, some users asked us to give descriptions for all available LJ-tags. I've promised to do it, but unfortunately I only got time to do it now. Hope I'm not too late and this will be useful for you.

So, with different LJ-tags you can:

Hide a portion of a post for friends page or journal's main page, or Collapse )

Mention a user or a communityCollapse )

Add the Repost buttonCollapse )

Add sharing buttons for social networksCollapse )

Add interactive map to the postCollapse )

Add embedded content to the postCollapse )

Create a poll and add it to the postCollapse )

Remove auto-formatting from post or portion of itCollapse )

Post in more than one languageCollapse )

That's all for now. I will be updating this manual as new tags will be added, so you can bookmark it if you want.

This concludes the original entry by igrick. It has been created a long time ago and spoiler tag has been added since then. To quote the Release 90 announcement post:

Spoiler Tags: Plots no longer ruined!Collapse )
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Design issues on LJ
Right now something is going on with LJ design - sometimes pages load without css and look like a jumble of white space and links. igrick said on twitter that it's because their Content Delivery Network provider is having servers failure. No info on when it's going to be fixed yet.
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