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Igrick: twitter
Re: comments:

RMagomedov: @igrick, are you planning to add subjects later on? Or are you gonna throw them out?
Igrick: Gonna throw them out.

Additional perk is the tweet this conversation has started from:

My inbox is full of insults from Americans. Good chance to refresh my cuss words vocabulary

which continued to this exchange:

dmitrykrasnodar: @igrick What, they're worried about disappearance of comment subjects?
igrick: @dmitrykrasnodar well, those complaints come from users of specific communities...

Upd: Another branch of this conversation:

igrick: @veselova102 They don't like that we've removed the comments subject.
veselova102: @igrick they'll get used to it :)
igrick: @veselova102 I've no doubts ;)

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I think I just puked blood in rage.

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