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New LJ prototype!
UPDATE2: English-language prototype is here !! (thank you markmanching)
UPDATE: Live prototype can be accessed here . Below are just links to specific pages!
This is A TRANSLATION! I have nothing to do with LJ or any of this!
Please direct your politely worded feedback to this post and remember that politeness wins over rudeness every time!

Artemiy Lebedev (tema), who's studio ArtLebedev is behind the latest changes in the comments page design, has posted a link to prototype of the new LJ expected to come out soon.

I... have no words. You can access it here
and below I'm going to translate separate links. Sorry, can't figure out the three-column thing.

And I can translate some pages if anyone needs them. Can't promise all pages though :(

First column
Main page (logged in) 
Main page (logged out)
(translation for Main Page is here)

About the site
Site map
LJ Today
Tour LJ

Create account
Account creation (finish)

User profile

Account Settings
Domain redirect page
Change password
Delete account
Deleted account's page (for the owner of account)
Deleted account's page (for all other users)
Profile Settings
Mood icons
Mood theme upload

Find friends by email
Add Friends
Invite friends


Help and feedback
Send support request
FAQ: question 114
List of open support requests
Support request page

Second column
Post an Entry
Edit an Entry
(translation for Post/Edit an Entry is here)
Write comment - this is how a post is going to look in the new default style.
Export journal
Manage tags
Suspicious comments
Reposted post - writing a comment
Create community
Community created
Community profile [info]cheaptrip

Community settings
Community profile settings
Community userpics
Community giftsJ
Community mood themes
Community members
Community journal
Connect with other services

New message

All notifications
LJ announcements
Friends updates

Buy LJ tokens
Paid account
Feature packs
Rename account
Send tokens

Third column
Search results

404 page not found
Scrapbook (already on beta - you can check it out if you're Plus, Paid or Permanent user).
Upload pictures
Album view
Picture view

Mouse hover menu
HTML cheatsheet

Statistics and rating
My journal's statistics
Journal stats
Comments stats
Friends stats
My guests/guest stats
Post stats
RSS feed stats
Money operations/Token stats
Posts rating
User rating
Community rating
Feeds rating

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I'd like to know what a comm or journal looks like when you're on the main page (style be damned - I want to know if they're changing basic functionality, like this did with the flist), and I'd like to know what an individual post page looks like, though I can probably guess that from what the pages look like for those stuck with the new system. (Including me, because my account is basic and therefore doesn't want me to turn custom comment pages back on.)

I'm beginning to feel like they want the site to be less community-oriented (I don't mean in terms of comms but in terms of creating and maintaining communities of actual people) and more social in the sense of individual relationships, like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc. The problem is, journaling sites are different from those sites for a reason, and LJ and its clones are uniquely better at community creation than sites like Wordpress, etc. It's so easy here. I feel like this redesign is doing everything it can to take that away.

Individual post page will look like this. Where do you see the flist page? I can't find it...

I'm mostly annoyed that they're pushing out the Basic users :( Don't they see that this will mean less new users and hence less users buying paid time?

Hm, I may have mistaken it and been in the notifications section instead? I'm not sure, because the site won't load in Google translate for me now, so I can't figure out what I clicked.

What do you mean by "pushing out Basic"? It's not been possible to get a new Basic account in years. The only reason most of my accounts are is that I made them a long time ago. If you mean they're forcing an "upgrade" to Plus for all Basic accounts, that may be the last straw that makes me stop crossposting and delete my content. I don't want to give them money through ads.

Ah, yes, Google services are down ATM. Let's hope they'll come back up soon :(

Last time I checked it was entirely possible to create Basic account - you just had to know what exactly to look for :( You had to switch from the default Plus to Basic after the account creation - you can still do so now.

Yes, I do think they're trying to get rid of Basic accounts without actually turning them off completely. But that's just my thoughts.

It's just a short post with comments to it. The gist is "What kind of difficulties/nastiness do you encounter at work?" - with a couple of rude words thrown in for special effect. :)

manonon, how did you get there?

What you've translated as "main page" is the homepage, by the way.

It's under "Write comment" link. I'll edit the entry to point it out.

Do "main page" and "homepage" have very different meanings? I wasn't aware of that. Could you explain the difference to me?

I don't know if "main page" even means anything in English. What is called "главная страница" in Russian in this case looks to me like the LJ homepage, the one you get when you hit the Home button, or just the one you get at It's a little hard to tell with all those changes, but it only looks logical to me. "Main page" is a literal translation of the Russian phrase.

I'll ask a Russian user to be on the safe side.

It IS homepage, I've just always assumed it means the same in English. Not only I use "main page" about half of the time, we were using this term at work for YEARS and no one said anything.

Then again, our anglophone partners usually don't correct our mistakes unless asked directly. I guess I'll have to ask...

English is not my native language either, so I can't tell if native speakers would get confused by "main page". I'm Bulgarian myself. But it doesn't seem to be a big deal so far. You know what, I'll post the question on my social networks. I have plenty of native speakers of English everywhere.

I sorry, I didn't check your location last night. It just shows how sleepy I was. So is Russian your native language?

One of my Russian friends doesn't know what to call that page in Russian.. He said he doesn't call it anything at all. :)

We generally call this kind of webpage "начална сраница" in Bulgarian.

My guys said that they understand it ok either way. On LJ it's called Home when it's a link and there's no specific mention of it in the site map.

Yes, Russian is my native language. I usually see this page called Главная страница or Глагна in some circles. Sometimes the link would be titled Домой or something.

Ah, from the the comments I've got so far on Facebook and Google+, it seems that say that "main page" is less common, but acceptable (or at least understandable to native speakers).

What is more, somebody pointed out that the homepage of Wikipedia is called "Main Page":

I'm a linguist and translator myself, so it's my professional deformation to check everything. :)

Oh, thank you for checking this. I'm glad you pointed it out. I don't want my translation to be the same as Google Translate's :)

LOL it's not easy to be as bad as Google Translate. ;)

Yeeeeeah I wouldn't be so sure. Some people are even worse. Like, I had to copyedit an En-Rus translation once and sometimes I had absolutely no clue what author and translator meant - and the translator was a native Russian speaker, too.

The Flexible Squares theme still has the old comment format. There are at least two others too, but I have to check what they are called and whether they are accessible to unpaid users.

LJ is above all a blogging site for he Russians... it is in fact THE blogging site, so I don't know why they would want to mess with that.

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