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New LJ prototype!
UPDATE2: English-language prototype is here !! (thank you markmanching)
UPDATE: Live prototype can be accessed here . Below are just links to specific pages!
This is A TRANSLATION! I have nothing to do with LJ or any of this!
Please direct your politely worded feedback to this post and remember that politeness wins over rudeness every time!

Artemiy Lebedev (tema), who's studio ArtLebedev is behind the latest changes in the comments page design, has posted a link to prototype of the new LJ expected to come out soon.

I... have no words. You can access it here
and below I'm going to translate separate links. Sorry, can't figure out the three-column thing.

And I can translate some pages if anyone needs them. Can't promise all pages though :(

First column
Main page (logged in) 
Main page (logged out)
(translation for Main Page is here)

About the site
Site map
LJ Today
Tour LJ

Create account
Account creation (finish)

User profile

Account Settings
Domain redirect page
Change password
Delete account
Deleted account's page (for the owner of account)
Deleted account's page (for all other users)
Profile Settings
Mood icons
Mood theme upload

Find friends by email
Add Friends
Invite friends


Help and feedback
Send support request
FAQ: question 114
List of open support requests
Support request page

Second column
Post an Entry
Edit an Entry
(translation for Post/Edit an Entry is here)
Write comment - this is how a post is going to look in the new default style.
Export journal
Manage tags
Suspicious comments
Reposted post - writing a comment
Create community
Community created
Community profile [info]cheaptrip

Community settings
Community profile settings
Community userpics
Community giftsJ
Community mood themes
Community members
Community journal
Connect with other services

New message

All notifications
LJ announcements
Friends updates

Buy LJ tokens
Paid account
Feature packs
Rename account
Send tokens

Third column
Search results

404 page not found
Scrapbook (already on beta - you can check it out if you're Plus, Paid or Permanent user).
Upload pictures
Album view
Picture view

Mouse hover menu
HTML cheatsheet

Statistics and rating
My journal's statistics
Journal stats
Comments stats
Friends stats
My guests/guest stats
Post stats
RSS feed stats
Money operations/Token stats
Posts rating
User rating
Community rating
Feeds rating

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I'm speaking for myself here.

My main issues with the overall re-haul is the amount of space wasted on every page. Have you already seen the new comments page? Well, for me opened comment box eats up all the space on the screen. I can't even see the comment I'm replying to most of the time.

New post page is the same: I can only see a couple of lines of the actual edit box. The rest is filled with... empty blue space between the header and the subject and between subject and edit box.

The whole header takes up way too much space. I mean the dark blue navigation strip which apparently will be visible on all pages.

Calendar page doesn't allow switching between years now, you have to manually select dates in the date boxes. Inbox doesn't seem to distinguish between messages and comments. Manage tags page doesn't seem to allow for switching between main journal and communities. Community members list doesn't seem to mark users with direct posting privileges (for moderated comms).

And last, but not the least, I don't like the nagging feeling that they're going to roll this out just like they did new comments system: a week in beta, no reaction to the feedback collected and then - bam! no way to switch back.

I didn't see that as wasted space. I found it very restful looking, and calming to the eye. The older layout looked cluttered to me, whereas that looks calming and simple. That's what I really liked.

As far as the nav strip -- I haven't been able to find examples of how an actual journal will look, so it seems to me that that is the equivalent of the big blue thing on the LiveJournal homepages... which is already big, and much uglier in my opinion.

The functional changes you describe are all bad, I agree. It seems to me that those functionalities should be easy to add back in, though.

I'm glad you like it (no sarcasm here - I'm truly glad that for some people this is not an issue). However, there were custom design schemes available that were probably just as restful looking. And there was a good old S1 with its format=light view for those who like to fit as much as they could into their screen. Now those people don't have a choice and that's sad.

I've already asked about the nav strip but haven't got an answer. If it'll be used like the grey one is today........ it will suck. Because as good as it looks in the overall design, it will clash with almost every custom scheme - imagine my bright orange journal topped with it.

I hope they'll listen to feedback and adjust the design according to functionality required. I'm afraid they won't though :(

Yeah, I agree with you there. I really hope the gray bar stays. It was neutral enough not to clash with most pages on the site.

Personally, all that white space triggers a migraine for me. It draws the eye into the brightest part of the page and holds it there.

One more reason to like DreamWidth.

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