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New LJ prototype!
UPDATE2: English-language prototype is here !! (thank you markmanching)
UPDATE: Live prototype can be accessed here . Below are just links to specific pages!
This is A TRANSLATION! I have nothing to do with LJ or any of this!
Please direct your politely worded feedback to this post and remember that politeness wins over rudeness every time!

Artemiy Lebedev (tema), who's studio ArtLebedev is behind the latest changes in the comments page design, has posted a link to prototype of the new LJ expected to come out soon.

I... have no words. You can access it here
and below I'm going to translate separate links. Sorry, can't figure out the three-column thing.

And I can translate some pages if anyone needs them. Can't promise all pages though :(

First column
Main page (logged in) 
Main page (logged out)
(translation for Main Page is here)

About the site
Site map
LJ Today
Tour LJ

Create account
Account creation (finish)

User profile

Account Settings
Domain redirect page
Change password
Delete account
Deleted account's page (for the owner of account)
Deleted account's page (for all other users)
Profile Settings
Mood icons
Mood theme upload

Find friends by email
Add Friends
Invite friends


Help and feedback
Send support request
FAQ: question 114
List of open support requests
Support request page

Second column
Post an Entry
Edit an Entry
(translation for Post/Edit an Entry is here)
Write comment - this is how a post is going to look in the new default style.
Export journal
Manage tags
Suspicious comments
Reposted post - writing a comment
Create community
Community created
Community profile [info]cheaptrip

Community settings
Community profile settings
Community userpics
Community giftsJ
Community mood themes
Community members
Community journal
Connect with other services

New message

All notifications
LJ announcements
Friends updates

Buy LJ tokens
Paid account
Feature packs
Rename account
Send tokens

Third column
Search results

404 page not found
Scrapbook (already on beta - you can check it out if you're Plus, Paid or Permanent user).
Upload pictures
Album view
Picture view

Mouse hover menu
HTML cheatsheet

Statistics and rating
My journal's statistics
Journal stats
Comments stats
Friends stats
My guests/guest stats
Post stats
RSS feed stats
Money operations/Token stats
Posts rating
User rating
Community rating
Feeds rating

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That prototype Main Page at still has three large, ugly columns taking up the top 70% of the page (at least in my browser) so it's not an improvement.

Ah, didn't even notice it was three-column too. Was too baffled by the lack of usual stuff there, I guess.

Have you checked out the other sections of that page? You can click on links to the right from big Обзор ЖЖ header and see other tabs. I don't see what's their point though.

It's a very ugly way of doing things. I'd rather have smaller text links, especially because that layout will be very hard on my small netbook screen or on a smartphone.

I did have a wander through the prototype pages, but I don't want so many links all in my face at once. I can maybe see why Ilya Dronov likes it as a business user, but I never use LJ for messaging or for my LJ inbox.

I use gmail for chat and email notifications from LJ, so I liked having LJ's inbox tucked away where I didn't have to see it.

I don't know very many people who use LJ for business, and most of those used the comment threads & subject lines a lot for auctions and sales, so they still won't be happy with the new changes. ::throws hands up in the air::

Thank you for the info, though. I've been trying to follow this so I can post about it to get the word out to my flist, because I think a lot of people still don't know.

Yes, they seems to be ignoring smaller screens completely. Just like they seems to be gearing up towards touchscreens. I don't understand that - perhaps they have some statistics that tells them that other devices' usage is so small that it can be disregarded.

I'm more and more curious about the image they have in their heads of an average LJ user. Doesn't seem to correlate to people I see around me.

Denise over at DW explained the direction she thought LJ might be going, based on using Social Media theory:

And then there's $72 million of trade through LJ-based blogshopping in Singapore, here:

Another link on that here:

Add that to the fact that they're the biggest social network in Russia, and you can see why LJ might be so interested in simplifying the site to attract casual users, and then turn them into habitual users.

I don't like it, but it makes sense, business-wise. If they must redesign LJ, I do wish they'd got a better web-design studio to do the design. Aside from the functionality problems, the code itself is bad -- it lacks accessibility features, and quite a bit of the HTML is just broken.

Ooh, thank you for the links!

Denise's explanation makes sense, especially with my own theory that they're trying to force people off Basic accounts in order to get more ad views.

It makes me sad to see them choosing to ignore their existing users in order to get more new ones. Like you said, it's a logical decision. But at least in Russia content is what most new people are after. And with this change they're driving off some pretty big content-creators.

Actually, at this point I think that their biggest mistake was replacing the old default without leaving it as an alternative somewhere. That would've let them keep old users and make everything easier for new ones.

I think Denise's points are that having that optionality discourages interaction. Also their is more backend work in maintaining two sets of code.

Are you talking about the ability to select Basic account on account creation? That would've been solved with putting Basic as default, as it was when Plus was just appearing.

I apologize if you were talking about something else - could please explain this in more detail?

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