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LJ Prototype: Post/Edit an Entry
This is a translation for Main LJ Page taken from prototype located here. Please take your feedback to LJ feedback page or to the post dedicated to the upcoming design change (Artemiy Lebedev tema understands English). Please try to be polite.

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I couldn't find a way to switch user on the fly so this feature seems to be removed. I've also noticed that there are no breadcrumbs - additional links below the header that let you see which section of the site you're browsing.

Clicking Change date link opens date/time fields. Change date link becomes Restore current date link that returns time and date fields to uneditable state.

I couldn't find a "Date Out of Order" checkbox. Not sure if that means that date-changed posts will not appear in your friends' friends pages or that they simply forgot to put it into prototype.

Mood's Select link brings up a list of moods or you can type your own into the box. I'm not sure where the mood icon will appear for preview (it doesn't appear in prototype) or if the mood icon will be retained when you type your own mood description into the box.

Adult content is now a checkbox. Not sure if that means that you have to select it every time you post or that the checkbox will be pre-filled if journal's default is "Adult Content". This definitely means no more "Adult Concepts" option.

Tag's Select link opens Select Tags popup with checkboxes and Done button.

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Comments dropdown has Open, Hidden and Forbidden options. Default is Open. It seems to be an attempt to combine Allow Comments and Comments Screening dropdowns. Assuming that, you can allow all comments, screen all comments regardless of journal settings or disable comments completely.

Show this entry to dropdown contains Everyone, Friends, Just Me and Some groups/Custom options. Default is Everyone. List of custom groups with checkboxes is hidden for all selections but Custom.

Name of the journal the entry is being posted to is no longer repeated on the Post button.

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For some reason it seems to be possible to switch journal you're posting to in Edit an Entry. Perhaps it's a prototype thing.

Delete Entry button is now red.
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